Randomguru’s Fitness Regimen

Current Fitness Regimen

Updated: August 14, 2020

Randomguru in a headstand.

Global Pandemic – 6 months into this pandemic and I’ve had to make adjustments, with no gigs but plenty of opportunities to exercise and practice piano.

Yoga – 3 times a week. 60 minutes. Tuesday, 60 minutes Thursday, 90 minutes Saturday.

Tai Chi – 5 times a week (30 minutes each)

Walking/Hiking – 5 times a week. 60 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 45 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday.

Musical Activity

Piano Practice – Minimum 30 to 3 hours a day, everyday.

Piano Performance – 2-3 times performance a week (60 minutes minimum each)

Note: Check back as I will continue to develop this part of the site.