Random Thoughts on Veganism, Compassion and Visualizing a Better World

Being Vegan means more than just trying to eat plant-based, healthy meals for optimal health. While I think that going vegan for your health is a noble cause in and of itself, there is a more holistic premise that is connected to the practice of veganism.

Granted, saving the animals is a noble cause and one major reason for going vegan; the cessation of animal exploitation, animal cruelty and animal destruction is an important thing. In an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and one that will be good for our environment and the planet, there is one more reason for veganism, compassion and visualizing a better world… we were meant to elevate our consciousness to a higher level.

In Buddhism, the four noble paths are:

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. Our suffering is caused by our craving, for happiness, etc.
  3. We all wish to end suffering.
  4. There is a path to end all suffering.

We humans wish to be happy and to enjoy our time on Earth.

We begin to expand our consciousness when we see that it is wrong to seek happiness at the expense of others, or to find happiness while others suffer for our happiness.

In veganism, the ethical stance is to protect the animals, who are sentient beings with feelings and emotions like many other beings on this planet. The enjoyment of animal flesh at the expense of the abuse, exploitation and killing of these animals is not morally right, if you look at the big picture from an elevated viewpoint.

But being vegan, one cares for one’s self, health and well-being… veganism then becomes an act of self-preservation, and in that act of self-preservation, we exist to benefit the well-being and health of others.

Compassion. Being an empath.

It’s the next step in our evolution to care or have compassion for the well-being of others, rather than just think about our own pleasures and well-being… then, our cause and our meaning in life has been expanded.

Visualizing a Better World.

We all want to live better lives, and there is nothing wrong with seeking out happiness and joy. But in the next level of existence, one begins to see that our world must exist in harmony and balance. And it is the ego of mankind that strives to attain worldly things at the expense of others. Harmony and balance then becomes more crucial than goals that are more selfish and greedy.

The only problem with world leaders is that they lust for power & wealth, while keeping the masses down and their lives, their existence in a state of compromise.

Our world, our planet is one giant eco-system, enclosed and the balance and harmony of the planet is crucial for our future existence.

Hopefully, more people will elevate their consciousness by practicing ways to expand their minds, open their hearts, and nurture compassion in their hearts and minds, and spreading their acts of positivity to the world in which we live.

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