The Realm of the Observable Universe

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Our Species as Caretakers of the Planet

Every time I look up into the evening sky, I am in awe of the immensity of it all, just how open and seemingly infinite our universe seems to be. Then I think about our planet and what us humans are doing to it, either to benefit Mother Earth or to help destroy it.

Our planet, however, is like an enclosed eco-system, and not so infinite.

In the beginnings of humankind, there has been more opportunity to live close to the earth and land, to live in harmony with nature and to be a part of the balance of our world. Now there is just too much evidence around that we are destroying our planet in more ways than one. Just one such dilemma is the exploitation, abuse and killing of billions of animals each year for our enjoyment of eating their flesh and other body parts. If you were to study the current systems and practices for raising cattle (for instance) in the billions and selling them as beef, we would see just how perverted and twisted the meat and dairy industries have become. The mass production of animal agriculture for massive profits has become our own worst enemy, as the continued expansion threatens our way of Life and perhaps our very existence.

The Vegan Solution

Going plant-based can help humankind on several levels. On a health-level, eating plant-based whole foods will slow down or reverse the presence of chronic diseases in our society, and is something we are very much in denial of because of the mass media brainswashing that has been going on for generations.

“Milk does a body good.”

“Where’s the beef?”

“Got milk?”

These are all catchy slogans that have been around for years to promote the benefits of animal products.

Then, we wonder why we as a society continue to develop heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gout, and all sorts of diseases… are they really caused by or helped by the daily consumption of animal foods?

One has to think about that… In olden times animal meats were hard to come by. You had to hunt or capture animals. But not we have supermarkets and grocery stores that provide mass quantities of animal foods for our enjoyment and consumption… yes, enjoyment…. and not so much because of nutrition. One also wonders if animal meats, the way they are prepared and cooked, are highly addictive? But, in the olden times we had far less access to animal foods. Grains and other plant foods were more accessible and easier to come by. There seems to be an imbalance in the over-abundance of animal products in our society.

Veganism is a solution to the growing problem of chronic diseases that plague our society. There have been many medical studies that prove that the cholesterol and saturated fat in animal foods contributes to these chronic diseases. Karma after all, seems to have a way of rearing its ugly head!

So, at least consuming animal foods them in moderation is the minimum requirement for staying disease-free… The total elimination of animal foods in our diets doesn’t create deficiencies as the meat & dairy industries will have you believe… It’s just one of the scare tactics that these industries do to influence you to eat more animal foods. But, in the realm of protein, there is an abundance of protein in the plant kingdom, so the need for protein from animals is a myth, and plant foods provide protein minus the saturated fats and cholesterol from animals.

We Need to Eat More Plant-Based

In Summary. We truly need to re-examine our diets. And we need to adopt a more plant-based diet for our health at least. There are other factors, like the environment, our planet, elevating our compassion to stop eating and killing animals. There are many signs that we are harming our planet with our current practices, like more wildfires in the West, more hurricanes in the East, the global warming of our planet, and severe climate change are all things we need to address, and to find ways to prevent and reverse the destruction of our planet. Veganism, is one solution, and one that can help improve our way of life on many different levels. But, the continued mass exploitation and destruction of animals that currently exists needs to stop. It is simply unsustainable.

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