Read This: If You Are Vegan and Still Have Cravings for Animal Foods

Beyond Burger

The whole meat & dairy industries, its brainwashing of generations of people beginning at kindergarten with the so-called 4 food groups, its propaganda machine, the whole culture of culinary, societal and peer pressures… they all factor into your craving for eggs and dairy….

Take a step back and look at why you are craving eggs & dairy… while the meat & dairy industries have been successful in creating a scenario where you have become addicted and dependent on these animal foods.

I’ve mentioned this before. It’s like The Matrix, where humans are being used to create energy for the machines. We humans have been socially engineered to become dependent on the meat & dairy industries, so much so that those who are addicted and dependent will fight hard to defend their choice to eat meat & dairy. This is why we vegans run into direct conflict with meat eaters.

Yes, watching documentaries hopefully will break that dependency and you will wake up to the horrors of the meat & dairy industries, so much so that you will forever alter your mindset towards eggs and dairy…

Arming yourself with knowledge will also shatter your cravings. Developing your sense of compassion for all animals will further change your mind about craving eggs & dairy…

Sure, I’ve been vegan a long time… but once-in-a-great-while I’ll have a sudden craving for a Big Mac, or KFC chicken… this goes to show you how powerful mass media brainwashing has been to generations, and millions are hopelessly addicted and brainwashed.

I wasn’t born a vegan, but I willingly made the change to veganism on my own, for my health, for the enivronment and the planet, and for all living sentient beings who deserve to live happy lives and do not need to suffer at the hands of meat & dairy profiteers, who enslave, abuse, torture, and kill innocent animal lives in the name of money, power & greed.

I assure you that once you become vegan out of compassion for the animals, when that epiphany hits you, you will forever be changed, and your cravings for animal foods in general will mean nothing… just small cravings you have conquered for a greater cause…

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