But Non-Vegans End Up Taking Supplements Too!

Japanese Green Salad

Non-vegans say that vegans need supplements because they are lacking in nutrients. and i say, when i wasn’t a vegan i was still taking supplements…


Because the average American doesn’t eat a super healthy diet… it’s typically too high in protein, saturated fats, cholesterol, meat byproducts (especially if you eat processed meats like hams, sausage, hotdogs, and bologna) and salt & sugar, not to mention white flour.

but also, i don’t know of too many people who are using nutritional apps… maybe you are then good for you… because if you weren’t there would be no way you could know if you are getting all the right nutrients in the correct proportions to maintain optimal health.

and that is why many non-vegans take supplements too, hoping it is the catch-all because they might be eating too much of a few foods and not getting enough nutrients, regardless of whether they eat animal products or not.

Animal products don’t contain all the essential nutrients your body needs. sure it contains a ton of protein, iron, and b12… but it also contains a lot of saturated fats and cholesterol… and depending on the source of that animal food… you could be getting antiobiotics, hormones, and lord knows what they put into animals to fatten them up and keep them disease-free!
but let’s get back to the Standard American Diet… that would be:

1. Pizza – typically laden with fatty mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, a processed meat, and tons of dough made from white flour. oh yeah, super healthy… not.

2. Fast Food – your typical Big Mac combo consists of 1,500 calories of processed foods! The fries are deep fried in oil. The sodas are laden with sugar, lots of sugar! Like 12 teaspoons per serving. And you have your two beef patties laden with cholesterol and saturated fats.

3. Barbecue Ribs – whether they are pork, beef or whatever animal… more saturated fat and cholesterol… the process of barbecuing creates carcinogens in the meats, and you know what’s in the barbecue sauce… it’s not a whole food, that’s for sure… it’s totally processed! And, animal foods do not contain fiber, which the body needs in order to sweep the food through your digestive tract.

4. Hotdogs – oh well, here’s a totally processed animal food. Laden with lord knows what… no fiber, more saturated fats and cholesterol, and combined with a white flour hotdog bun, mayo, ketchup (more sugar) and other toppings, wow, just wow… not all that healthy. But Americans love to eat these at baseball games and barbecues, so what can you do.

5. Steak – American love their red meat in the form of top sirloin, filet mignon, and the like… absolutely no fiber in steak or any red meat, which is why many red meat eaters have a high risk for colo-rectal cancer. And heart disease. Let’s not forget that… again, more saturated fat and cholesterol and other animal byproducts.

And the typical American doesn’t eat too much salad, greens, vegetables and other fruits… if they do it’s not really enough.

I’ve heard too many people call my salad “rabbit food”, or they just say it all tastes like grass.

All I have to say to them is… a high protein, low carb diet is dangerous for your health. Good luck with that…

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