An Update On The Tennessee Titans

The same Tennessee Titans who were on a plant-based diet and were featured on The Game Changers have made it to the playoffs again. After clinching the 6th seed, they went into Foxborough, Massachusetts and upsetted Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots. Then they proceeded to upset the Baltimore Ravens, who were the No. 1 seed in the American Football Championship (AFC) playoffs. Although they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game, they made it to the AFC championship game. Last year, they made it to the Divisional Round, but lost to the New England Patriots. This year, they made it far to the AFC championship game.

Changes In The Titans Roster

Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo retired from playing football, so I was not able to find them on the current roster for the Tennessee Titans. However, Derrick was the one who started the vegan movement among the Tennessee Titans players. He became vegan after seeing a nutritionist about improving his energy levels and his competitive advantage. He was skeptical at first, but he did the research and tried it. His wife Charity started cooking vegan meals and she went vegan herself. Initially, his teammates were skeptical, but after trying the vegan food Charity cooked, they decided to join them and went vegan. Tye Smith, DaQuan Jones, Jurrell Casey, and Wesley Woodyard were four of the Titans players featured in the Game Changers movie and they are still on the current roster, though I do not know if any of them might become free agents. I wrote earlier that Jurrell Casey was one of the biggest skeptics until he witnessed the results of a vegan diet. Wesley Woodyard was the defensive player who said that his energy levels were up. I hope they stay on the Titans and go for the Super Bowl next year.

Can A Super Bowl Be Next?

It would be great if these Titans players can bring a Lombardi trophy to Nashville next year and to do it on a vegan diet, assuming that Tye Smith, DaQuan Jones, Jurrell Casey, Wesley Woodyard, and the other players that went vegan stay on the Tennessee Titans and still stick to a vegan diet. Although Derrick Morgan has retired, I hope that the vegan movement he left behind will still stay with the 15 Titans players and that they still adhere to a vegan diet. According to Charity’s Instagram, it seems like she is still supporting the team. Supposedly, if they made it to the AFC Championship, they might go further to the Super Bowl. If they do that next year and bring a Lombardi trophy to Nashville, they would inspire a lot of NFL players to go vegan. So far, upsetting the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens and making it to the AFC Championship game was already impressive. Winning next year’s Super Bowl on a vegan diet might be even more so.

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