McDonald’s Continues Testing a Plant-Based Burger

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Beyond Burger

No doubt, plant-based and vegan burgers are on the rise!

Why? Because the common consensus is that red meat contains cholesterol and saturated fats that can cause hardening of the arteries and eventual arterial blockage.

The evidence has been overwhelming and consistent throughout decades of research and scientific observation. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, which correlates to the abundance of beef continually pushed on Americans by the Meat & Dairy Industries.

McDonald’s Slow to Test New PLT

McDonald’s is slow to test their new PLT in Canada because the scale in which to pull off an offering of a plant-based burger would be huge. And the big test is whether Beyond Meat can deliver their product on a massive scale to the U.S. and Canada.

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If Beyond Meat can deliver, and I remember when they first came out with the Beyond Burger (they couldn’t keep them on the shelves), then we will have a major breakthrough in the Fast Food Industry.

I supposed KFC is testing out Beyond Meat and the scale at which they can deliver, because they had a very successful test launch, but we have yet to see Vegan KFC Chicken in their fast food restaurants.

So, the process is slow… but the vegan movement has hit the mainstream and it can only continue to grow as more people seek out healthier ways of living that is more compassionate towards the animals.

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