2019 December


December 22, 2019by randomguru

Remember the commercials where the attractive women were seductively eating a Magnum Ice Cream Bar?

Well, the company that brought you the Magnum Ice Cream Bar has offered a couple of vegan/non-dairy versions. Hallelujah!

Aldi is the big corporation that puts out the Magnum Bars, and we’re grateful that they are now providing a vegan version of their famous ice cream bars. They are a German company and there’s been a sort of renaissance in Germany with the vegan movement. Berlin, at one time or another has been dubbed the vegan capital of the world.

So, I will have to look out for these vegan ice cream bars… Of course, me being primarily on a whole foods vegan diet, but it’s okay to have a once-in-a-while indulgence. I mean, it’s just nice that a company is providing that option, and it’s another sign that veganism and plant-based eating are continuing to be in the mainstream.

December 18, 2019by Cameron Rull

Plant-Based Diets Stemmed From Left-Wing Ideology

According to this article, plant-based diets are historically connected with left-wing politics. They cited a lot of historical examples from the French Revolution to Percy and Mary Shelley. The article also mentioned how veganism is connected to early left-wing ideologies, including socialism. And that a lot of historical figures who lean to the left, even to the point of socialism, advocate for plant-based diets.