Tennessee Titans Prove That A Vegan Diet Improves Athletic Performance

Yesterday, I watched the Game Changers again. One of the athletes they followed in the movie was the Tennessee Titans defense. At least 15 of the Titans players have been vegan all or most of the time. Derrick Morgan, a retired Tennessee Titans linebacker, has been vegan since 2017. Eventually, his wife Charity, a Le-Cordon Bleu-trained chef started cooking vegan meals. Eventually Charity went vegan herself. Then Derrick’s former teammates would follow and pretty soon almost all of the Titans defense went vegan. Although Derrick Morgan retired, a lot of the players that went vegan with him are still playing according to the roster. Earlier today, I just watched the Titans upset the Kansas City Chiefs. The defense blocked a kick by Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to try to tie the game as Titans were leading 35 -32. The Titans’ victory over the Chiefs has shown that a vegan diet does improve athletic performance.

It All Started With Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan became vegan after seeing a nutritionist to try to improve his competitive advantage and have more energy. At first, he was skeptical about a vegan diet, but he decided to do it after he did the research. Derrick asked his Charity to start cooking vegan meals for him. Charity learned how to cook vegan meals and eventually went vegan herself. Initially, he stayed silent about it, but his teammates caught on and started asking him about it. Initially, they were skeptical until Derrick Morgan shared a vegan burger with them. His teammates thought it was delicious and they decided to join them and become vegan. More and more defensive players from the Tennessee Titans joined Derrick Morgan and Charity would cook meals for Derrick and his teammates.

Reaping The Benefits

“Some of them say they feel like a kid again.”

-Charity Morgan

The vegan diet has paid off for the players. Derrick say his high blood pressure he had at 16 go down and that he was not experiencing any inflammation. Jurrell Casey, who was originally one of the biggest skeptics before becoming vegan, said that the diet helped speed up his recovery from workouts, decreased inflammation, and increases his energy. Titans tackler Wesley Woodyard said that his energy levels went up and that he does not have to take naps anymore. The experiences of the Titans players have shown again that a vegan diet can increase your energy levels, allow you to recover faster from workouts, and can decrease the inflammation and soreness one gets from physical activity. Derrick Morgan and his former teammates have shown this. This definitely allowed the Titans to win against reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Team’s Overall Performance

Upsetting the Kansas City Chiefs was not the only feat that they have accomplished. Since Derrick Morgan and most of the defense went vegan in 2017, the Tennessee Titans have made the playoffs by clinching their first playoff berth since 2008. In the Wild Card round, the Titans faced the Chiefs and rallied from a 21-3 halftime deficit to beat the Chiefs 22-21. This was their first playoff win since 2003. However, they were defeated by the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round 35-14. Despite the loss against the Patriots, I remembered that the Titans defense gave Tom Brady a hard time. Of course Brady bounced back and the Patriots won that game. Regardless, this was the first time since 2008 that the Titans made the playoffs and made it to the Divisional Round. Although they did not make the playoffs during the 2018 season, the Titans pulled off a big upset against the New England Patriots with a score of 34-10. This current season, not only did the Titans defense blocked a field goal kick from the Chiefs to seal a win, but they also kept Los Angeles (formerly from San Diego) Chargers running back Melvin Gordon from scoring a touchdown in a last goal line stand. They beat the Chargers 23 – 20. The Titans’ overall performance since 2017 is a result of the Titans defense practicing a vegan diet.

Vegan Diet Drastically Increases Athletic Performance

Derrick Morgan and the Tennessee Titans have shown that a vegan diet increases your athletic performance. From my own experiences as an endurance athlete, I noticed my running times and my swimming times have improved. I also noticed that I can lift weights and still have enough energy to do chores that require manual labor and heavy lifting. I have ran 5 half-marathons and currently training for the sixth half-marathon. Three of those half-marathons constituted a series called the Triple Crown series and that I was able to finish that series on a vegan diet. As of right now, I myself am thriving on a vegan diet.

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