Happy Healthy Vegan Debunks the Dangers of Bananas

By : | Comments Off on Happy Healthy Vegan Debunks the Dangers of Bananas | On : November 8, 2019 | Category : Health

This is so not true!

I enjoy Happy Healthy Vegan’s YouTube channel… Ryan and Anji promote a vegan lifestyle with intelligence and calm resilience.

I’ve been eating bananas for years on a daily basis, and my last wellness check and bloodwork proved that bananas are no danger to a person’s well being and health. It’s just another bogus propaganda-driven bit of misinformation that is meant to scare people and probably cause them to continue eating their meat-based diet, which has been proven to lead to chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

I’ve been having smoothies with bananas in them for two decades. Bananas are awesome and a whole food.

And it’s a crying shame that this misinformation about bananas is coming from a main media person like Dr. Oz. I actually stopped watching his show after I heard about this whole banana controversy.

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