Friday Was World Vegan Day

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Happy World Vegan Day everyone! I was able to celebrate it by going to the First Friday Night Market held in Grossmont Center in La Mesa, California. Because it was World Vegan Day, there were a lot of people at the vegan night market. I had to wait in long lines at a lot of the vendors. However, that would also be a good thing because that means more vegans are coming out. Not only that, a lot more people are curious about veganism and would like to try it out. Word is being spread about veganism and its benefits, bringing more people to come out to the First Friday Night Market. World Vegan Day is a catalyst for more vegans to come out to the night market and more people to be curious about veganism and what it is about.

Menus Need To Be Displayed More

One critique I have about some of the vendors was that I wish they displayed their menu for all to see. That way, a lot of people do not have to go in line to look at the menu and then have to order right after they see the menu. For example, I tried this vegan Chinese vendor and I was trying to look for their menu. They did show the food that they serve, but they did not show the price of the food. I was frustrated because I wanted to know how much the food cost before I go in line to try it. A suggestion for the vendor would be to show a bigger display of their menu with the prices so I can know how much it costs, which would help me choose if I want to try the food or not.

Veg’n Out Did Not Disappoint

After giving up on the vegan Chinese vendor, I went to the Veg’n Out vendor. Because I already tried their vegan burger, I decided to mix it up and got myself a vegan hot dog. It tastes exactly the same as the Brat Originals that my dad would cook. Like the vegan burger, the vegan hot dog did not disappoint. Of course, I am open to try the other vendors. However, Veg’n Out is the vendor I would consistently go to. Their burgers, fries, and hot dogs are so delicious.

Proud To Be A Vegan

Going to the First Friday Night Market was the best way for me to celebrate World Vegan Day. I have been vegan since March 1, 2017, so it has been 2 years already. So far, I am thriving on a vegan diet and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. When I went to see my doctor, she was amazed that my blood test results have improved. My blood pressure and my heart rate also improved. When I went to see the dentist, the dentist was surprised that I have no cavities, gum disease, or any dental problems. When I went to the blood bank to donate blood, the technician told me that my iron levels were healthy. That completely goes against the myth that vegans are lower in iron compared to meat eaters. We also tested for blood glucose in my Physiology lab and it turned out I have a healthy blood glucose. In addition, we did EKGs in Physiology lab and it turned out my EKG readings were perfect. I am also amazed to how much energy I have. I noticed that I would run 5 miles in 7 minutes 51 seconds per mile, swam laps afterwards, and still have a lot of energy. On Halloween, I swam laps and lifted weights. I was still not tired after that. This shows that a vegan diet improves your health and your athletic performance. In addition, it makes me happy that I am able to save a lot of animals and to reduce my carbon footprint on the planet. As a logical person, it does not make sense to love animals and contribute to their death by buying and eating animal foods. It also does not make sense for an environmentalist to eat a steak after protesting climate change. I am proud to have made the decision to go vegan and take care of my health, save the planet, and not kill animals.

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