No Need To Cut Down On Red Meat?!

It’s ok not to cut down on red meat

According to this study, we do not need to cut down on red meat. It seems absurd because our current guidelines call for us to reduce or give up red meat as eating red meat is linked to all these chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Supposedly they conducted their studies in a randomized and controlled way and found that we do not need to cut red meat or reduce it. However, I am still skeptical of this study based on mounting evidence in which red meat is linked to chronic disease.

Randomized and Controlled?

According to the study, the authors systematically reviewed data and focused on randomized controlled trials and observational data. They reviewed 12 trials of 54,000 people and did not find any association between eating meat and higher risks of chronic disease. Based on this method of study, it seems like they are right. However, I am still not convinced that this could be true. It contradicts growing evidence that eating red meat is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases. A lot of the organizations such as American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and others have advised everyone to limit their red meat intake. The World Health Organization said that red meat is a group 1 carcinogen. Plus, if we follow these new “guidelines,” we are going to be suffering from chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes. Just because it is a randomized controlled study, it does not mean it is considered to be true.

Science Is All About Skepticism

I would like to know what they meant by “systematic” review and “rigorous” examination. It is very important to be skeptical, even if this study claims to be “randomized and controlled.” These types of studies also could ruin the credibility of nutrition science and could destroy the public’s trust in science. These studies create a lot of confusion for the public. It is hard to tell what is truth and what guidelines are for real. The authors claim there was no external funding sources, but they could be hiding possible funding by the meat, dairy, cattle, and egg industry. T. Colin Campbell in The China Study advised us to follow the money when it comes to analyzing scientific studies. Even if the study is rigorous, randomized and controlled, we need to be skeptical and evaluate the study. Science is about skepticism and that is important, especially if a study is completely contradicts the already growing evidence that red meat causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases.

My Own Anecdotes Still Prove Meat Is Linked to Chronic Disease

Personally, I have seen relatives, family friends, close family, and people in my local community who have passed away from chronic disease or are living with chronic disease. I remembered a lot of them ate meat, especially red meat. One guy in my local Filipino community has passed away from cardiovascular disease. He was a big meat eater. Another guy in my community had gout and I remembered him eating a lot of meat. One of my relatives had to go through a kidney dialysis and she seems to eat a lot of meat whenever I see her. My own personal experiences has shown that meat, especially red meat, is linked to all these chronic diseases such as kidney problems, gout, and cardiovascular disease.

Animals And The Environment Are Still Being Affected

Supposedly the author did not include animal welfare and environmental concerns. He stated,

“We focused exclusively on health outcomes, and did not consider animal welfare or environmental concerns when making our recommendations. We are however sympathetic to animal welfare and environmental concerns with a number of the guideline panel members having eliminated or reduced their personal red and processed meat intake for these reasons.”

Well, billions of animals are getting slaughtered in factory farms so we could continue eating red meat. This study seems to encourage this. It also encourages hiring illegal immigrants who came into this country seeking a better life and to become naturalized U.S. citizens. In addition, the study encourages slaughterhouse workers getting no benefits, especially health benefits.

I mentioned it over and over again that the Amazon rainforest is burning because the farmers are clearing the land for cattle and for soybeans that they feed to the cattle and other animals that will be slaughtered so we can eat red meat. This study encourages more fires in the Amazon rainforest and more deforestation so we can eat red meat.

This study is also encourages more pollution as factory farms generate a lot of pollution. The egg farm in Ramona is one such example as the neighbors complain about the dead chicken carcasses, the horrible smell, the spread of diseases, and the swarm of flies they have to deal with. The County also has sent written notices to the egg farm. Speaking of the spread of disease, this study encourages more spread of disease from factory farms to the neighbors living close to them. This would be considered a public health hazard.

Overall, this study will encourage more people to get more chronic diseases, the slaughter of billions of animals, more deforestation and fires, more pollution, and the spreading of disease.

Question Everything!

This contradictory study shows that we need to question everything. As mentioned before, we need to be skeptical and think critically when there is so much misinformation and misleading studies out there. A lot of scientific studies are funded by the meat, dairy, cattle, and egg industries. This study may have been funded by them. I would follow T. Colin Campbell’s advise and follow the money when it comes to evaluating a study. Critical thinking is so important in this modern world of false information. A scientific study may seems “rigorous” and “randomized and controlled,” but it may not be true. It is definitely not true with the growing evidence that red meat causes these chronic diseases as stated by numerous experts and major organizations. Not to mention billions of animals are getting slaughtered for food. We are burning more forests to kill these animals for red meat. We are causing more pollution just to put red meat on our table. Finally, we are spreading disease to put red meat on our table. This shows a scientific study must be questioned and examined.

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