2019 October

October 26, 2019by Cameron Rull
This celebrity chef is an outspoken anti-vegan. Now I do not want to wish death on anyone who are anti-vegan, but this is what could happen to them if they keep eating this way. Still, we need to be compassionate to these anti-vegans despite their remarks and comments. Of course we do not have to let them get to us.

October 19, 2019by Cameron Rull

I completed the Triple Crown series on a high-carbohydrate vegan diet. The Triple Crown series consists of three half-marathons: Carlsbad Half-Marathon, La Jolla Half-Marathon, and the America’s Finest City Half-Marathon.

Potato Is As Effective As A Carbohydrate Gel In Athletes

According to this study, consuming potatoes in the form of potato puree works as well as those carbohydrate gels endurance athletes rely on. It sustains blood glucose levels and increases athletic performance during long-distance races and in training. They said potatoes are a good alternative because it is cost-effective, nutrient-dense, and a whole-food source of carbohydrates. Furthermore, it is a healthier option compared to a more sugary carbohydrate gel.

October 19, 2019by Cameron Rull

Targeting Deeply Held Values Crucial For Inspiring Pro-Environmental Behavior

According to this study, our deeply-held values can predict whether we take action to protect the environment or not. These values align with our political leanings, whether we are liberal or conservative. It said that because we have different values, we must tailor the message inspiring the need to protect our planet in different ways. Our cultural values are how we process information and how we view the world.