Are Animal Foods Addicting?

Japanese Vegan

Back when I was a kid, I remember being essentially vegetarian by nature. I didn’t really like eating meats, chicken, fish, etc. And I don’t even remember eating mac n cheese!

I think I was introduced to animal foods at one point. First, milk and cheese were the first animal foods. Then, eggs. I remember my parents teaching me to crack a raw egg over rice and mix it up. Maybe this was a Filipino thing? Heaven forbid, nowadays, with the potential threat of salmonella!

Anyway, I remember my Dad harvesting Filipino spinach from the backyard and eating a bunch of it. But I never got into greens until later in life.

But I remember eating lots of candy, snacks and chocolates, which probably were vegetarian but not vegan.

Are Animal Foods Addicting?

I believe so. Because even years after being vegan, I still crave an occasional Big Mac or Pork Adobo… I’m just being honest… but for the most part, I’ve actually forgotten much of what I ate that was from an animal.

I think eating animals is similar to being in The Matrix. People in The Matrix are hopelessly dependent on it and they will even defend it, even if it is wrong for them and they have been enslaved.

Yes, I guess being enslaved to animal foods is like being enslaved in The Matrix. There is a certain amount of ignorance involved, perhaps denial, and just being used to the status quo of being a meat eater in general.

Granted, there can be certain combinations of animal foods, spices, salt, sugar and pepper that can become very addictive.

Food in general CAN be addictive, especially when we are craving fast food and junk food that are devoid of real nutrients.

We Tend to Crave Unhealthy Foods

Just because we crave some type of food doesn’t mean that it is healthiest for us. So, somehow our minds have been brainwashed into thinking those spare ribs are delicious, therefore healthy for us. Or that KFC over there tastes good, even though deep fried foods are health for us, and so forth.

Of course, medical studies are showing that a diet consisting of animal foods and devoid of the nutrients, fiber and alkaline properties of fruits, vegetables and grains, can be harmful to our bodies… the big chronic diseases that plague our modern society point to a lack of movement combined with a diet laden with saturated fats, refined sugars, flour and cholesterol… the saturated fat and cholesterol being derived from animal foods.

And I hear too many times how people just can’t give up the dairy in order to become 100% Vegan. The more I think about all this, I’m wondering how can anyone become addicted to Broccoli or Cabbage, for instance?

Another part of the equation are the ads and the propaganda that promotes animal foods. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and they need to make lots of money, and you being addicted to their animal products is the key to their profits!!

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