Disney Is Going Forward, Not Backwards

Disney’s Theme Parks Are Going Vegan

Disney’s Theme Parks Going Vegan

Disney announced on Tuesday that their U.S. theme parks are adding plant-based options to every dining locations in the parks. Walt Disney World and Disneyland will offer more than 400 vegan dishes at all of their restaurants. Orlando, Florida’s Disney World will start doing it first in early October and then Disneyland in Anaheim, CA will follow along in spring 2020.

Vegan Menu Options

The parks are going to add a “green leaf” icon to their menus as they expand them. The “green leaf” icon will make it easier for vegetarians and vegans to find options when they dine at parks. The menu options will strictly be vegan. There will not be any traces of animal ingredients in the food.

New Offerings

One of these new offerings will include Steamed Asian Dumplings at the Epcot’s Le Cellier served with bok choy, Chinese long beans, red peppers, and radish in a fragrant Asian broth. Another offering will be the Felucian Garden Spread at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge made out of plant-based “kefta,” herb hummus, tomato-cucumber relish, and pita.

Veganism Becoming More Popular?

This recent news shows how popular veganism is slowly becoming. A lot of us are starting to become aware of the slaughter of countless animals at slaughterhouses, the environmental effect that animal agriculture has on our planet, and how eating animal foods detrimentally affects our health.

Recently, while I was watching NFL football, there have also been a lot of advertisements on the Impossible Whopper, Burger King’s plant-based whopper burger. This also shows veganism, vegetarianism, and plant-based diets are becoming more popular. In addition, the plant-based market is growing exponentially.

However, a lot of people still are not vegan or plant-based yet. A lot of us do find it hard to give up animal foods given we grew up with animal foods and countless food advertisements have conditioned us to eat animals. A lot of our family, friends, and mainstream society has conditioned us to eat animals. We still have a long way to go in becoming vegan and plant-based, but these recent news stories, the growth of the plant-based industry, more people becoming vegan, and more people eating plant-based options is proving to us that the world is gradually going forward instead of backwards. At least Disney is already showing it is doing so.

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