Vegan Diet Boosts Gut Microbes Relating to Body Weight, Body Composition, and Blood Sugar Control

And the evidence about a vegan diet piles up.

This 16-week study shows that a vegan diet boosts the gut microbes responsible for body weight, body composition, and control of blood sugar. It has been noted that our gut bacteria play roles in our weight, insulin resistance, and our risk for metabolic syndrome.

The study had 147 participants. 86% were women and 14% were men. They assessed their gut microbes at baseline and after 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, the vegan group had reduced body weight, reduced fat mass, and reduced visceral fat. Insulin sensitivity also increased in the vegan group.

The authors claimed that fiber is the main reason for these changes on the vegan diet. They said that the fiber from the vegan diet has caused more bacteria in the gut that feed on fiber. It shows that a vegan diet contains a lot of fiber and fiber is mostly responsible for healthier gut bacteria. Fiber comes mainly from plant foods and that eating a vegan diet can provide a lot of fiber, which can reduce the risk of not only type 2 diabetes but metabolic syndromes, cardiovascular disease, gout, osteoporosis, and most cancers.

Time and time again, this recent study adds to the prevailing evidence that a healthy whole-foods vegan diet is good for your health in addition to saving animals and the environment. As long as one plans it carefully, a vegan diet is good for you.

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