A Simple Asian-Style Vegan Meal

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As a longtime vegan, I’m more into the simplicity of whole foods.

Of course, everyone knows whole foods in its organic state are the healthiest foods around, and at this point I can actually feel the difference.

And having been to China, I was heavily influenced by their way of eating. For instance, at the breakfast buffets at hotels, I would surprisingly find sautéed cabbage, just by itself! And sautéed broccoli as well… combine these two with some white rice (readily available in China) and you’ve got yourself a very healthy meal. Maybe, I would sprinkle a bit of soy sauce over the white rice for flavor.

And that’s what I eat much of the time at home, a simple Chinese-influenced meal. And of course, I’ll perhaps add some Beyond Sausage to round out the meal and provide more protein if I so choose.

Brown Rice, Brat Original Sausage, Carrots, Broccolini

This form of ascetic eating seems too simple and devoid of calories, but you’d be surprised to find that these simple meals contain quite a few nutrients, and surprisingly quite a bit of protein. Especially coming from white rice, which is fortified with key nutrients.

And many times I’ll just have a glass of ice water to go along with it.

For more protein I’ll add black beans. And that’s pretty much it!

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