Neighbors Criticize Egg Ranch in Ramona

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My family and I would go up to Julian to pick apples and pears. While going to and from Julian, we would pass by this egg farm called Pine Valley Egg Farm. I looked it up on Google Maps and that was the name of it. It is located in Ramona on the northern outskirts. I remembered reading an article about this egg farm and it said that the neighbors who live near the egg farm were complaining about it.

The neighbors were complaining about the smell, dead chicken carcasses, and lots of flies. The neighbors were also skeptical when the egg ranch said that it fixed their problems and is trying to comply with the county.

The neighbors also worry about their exposure to the diseases that could stem from the dead chickens, raw meat, and the chicken manure.

The article also said that the egg ranch received written notices. One notice was about the chicken carcasses not covered up to prevent flies and birds from being in contact with them. The other notice was about their pesticide use.

This example is one of many reasons I am vegan for the animals and the environment in addition to my own health. Time and time again, animal agriculture has led to pollution, deforestation, and more greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere. It also shows that animals (in this case, chickens) are being brutally slaughtered so we could eat chicken legs for lunch and dinner. The Amazon rainforest is burning already because cattle farmers are clearing acres of forest to raise cattle for beef. The example with this local egg farm has shown the consequences of animal agriculture that’s close to home. These are reasons to adopt a vegan diet for the animals and our planet.

This egg farm got two written notices on both pesticides and piles of chicken carcasses from slaughtered chickens. And the neighbors are complaining about the smell, chicken carcasses, chicken manure and flies. The article shows we need to rethink our choices and go on a vegan diet.

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