Welcome to the New Website!

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Me, After 20 Years Vegan

First off, I want to welcome you to the new website! It’s always exciting to start a new endeavor, and this new site will focus on all things vegan.

I started experimenting with a vegan diet more than 20 years ago in 1995. But, once I got extremely busy working and touring with a big band from 1996 to 1999, I really fell off the vegan wagon for a few years there. During this time I spent a LOT of time on the road doing gigs in Disneyland, Disney World, Las Vegas, doing a West Coast tour, doing a Southwest tour, and traveling to the Los Angeles area from San Diego to do gigs at The Viper Room and The Derby, to name a few places.

Had I seriously been a committed vegan during those three years, I think I would’ve been feeling much better… for one, I was so tired on an omnivore, meat-based diet, that I was sleeping until 1pm or more in the afternoon. Of course, I was drinking tons of coffee and espressos to keep me going and even resorted to chocolate-covered espresso beans to keep my energy up.

Vegan Sushi with Black Rice

All in all, this meat-based diet wasn’t very sustainable, as I had knee problems from drumming almost everyday. And, since my diet was meat-based and protein-emphasized, I had to drink tons of coffee just to keep me going.

Looking back, I know I could’ve done better diet-wise. But we learn from our mistakes, right?

Going forward to today as a 61 year old who still does a lot of gigs around town, between piano and drums, and loading and unloading lots of musical instruments and equipment, and a musician’s life is pretty grueling, the more I think about it.

But, I learned that the body needs proper rest in order to thrive, and that a vegan diet focused on lots of raw fruits and vegetables (especially the vegetables) helps one to sustain and maintain!

Also, the jump to using the nutritional tracking App, Cronometer, was a necessary part of the vegan lifestyle, mainly because Vegans catch a LOT of flack from non-vegan people, that the diet is not sustainable and that I’m not getting enough protein. Cronometer proves that I AM getting more than enough protein on a vegan diet (very surprising to non-vegans), and I ensure that I AM getting all the proper nutrients.

Anyway, this site will be focused primarily on the vegan lifestyle and how it affects fitness. And many elite athletes are turning to a vegan diet (or plant-based diet) to increase their performance threshold. Many are discovering that wheat gluten might also be a factor in causing fatigue. All these things we will discuss and cover on this site, and as we continue to discover what works and what doesn’t, we will gladly share our results and experience to you the reader.

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